Development Management

Robert Russell Planning Consultants Inc. can manage many aspects of the Development Approvals process for you.  The level of our involvement can be customized to suit your needs.  We have worked with many of the GTA based consulting firms and can recommend and assemble a suitable team of professionals that can help you achieve your goal of an expedient approval for your project.


We will manage these consultants for you if required, from the initial contact through obtaining a proposal, providing project direction and reviewing invoices against project budgets. We also understand that a strong management presence and frequent follow up will help ensure that the consultants deliver on time and on budget.


We have experience writing small cost sharing agreements, and can review, advise and act as your representative when negotiating larger development agreements. 

Development Approvals

Robert Russell Planning Consultants Inc. can help you through the municipal development approvals process.  We understand that timeliness is one of the key components in a successful and profitable development. You have a significant amount of money to expend during the approval and servicing process and there is no income until the lots are sold (or built). As such, the faster Robert Russell Planning Consultants Inc. can get you to approval, the more profitable you will be.


We will identify potential issues and project delays early in the process, providing you with the opportunity to consider your options and implement a solution before the issue becomes a major delay.


Robert Russell Planning Consultants will conduct a thorough analysis of relevant legislation and policy to create a compelling Planning Justification to support your proposed development. We will use the same approach for other similar reports that may be required, such as Oak Ridges Moraine Conformity Statements.


Subdivision Design

Subdivision design is partly creative and partly policy implementation and requires experience and analytical skill to find the balance between those. Robert Russell Planning Consultants Inc. can provide you with that experience and skill.


We have experience with subdivision design at all scales, from small common element condominium sites to large 2400 unit subdivisions. With your input regarding the product you wish to market we will analyze the existing and potential constraints and determine possible opportunities to design the most appropriate layout for the site.

Zoning By-laws

Zoning By-laws are sometimes a balancing act between accommodating your desired product on the lot and the municipality's vision expressed through Urban Design policy and Design Standards.


Zoning By-laws also require careful consideration of all aspects of the parent by-law to ensure the proposed zone standards will allow the intended product to be realized.


Robert Russell Planning Consultants Inc. will thoroughly review the parent by-law in an attempt to prevent any zoning related delays at building permit.

Site Plans

Robert Russell Planning Consultants Inc. can provide you with a conceptual Site Plan layout for use in the Master Plan process, or for internal consideration.


We will also coordinate with the architect and engineer to draft a Site Plan that implements your vision for your site.


Robert Russell Planning Consultants Inc. will work with the municipality to facilitate the Site Plan Application through the Planning Approvals Process.

Minor Variance and Severance

Robert Russell Planning Consultants Inc. can help with small projects too. We can apply for minor relief from the Zoning By-law to accommodate an addition to your house or business, create a new buildable lot on your property and many other similar projects.